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NOSHABA APOTHECARY + NOSHABA HOME joined creative forces to create The Essentials Bag. Handcrafted with sustainably sourced 100% Moroccan sheep wool by the hands of Berber communities. Supporting generations of this meticulous art while adding allure and a cozy home for all your essentials — from skincare to emergency kits, this carrier has space for it all.

Dyed using only locally sourced plants featuring an iron stamped Moroccan leather label accompanied with a handcrafted dust bag, all taking place here on these very lands of Morocco.

With its value increasing overtime, Moroccan rugs create an incomparable element to your space while showcasing its traditional methods through weaving, complexities, details and notable quality. This art brings great beauty that’s continuously worth talking about.

Cream Color Design with Beige Zipper. Multi-color lining.

L: 10.5 inches
W: 8 inches
H: 7 inches

*Includes: Off-White Dust Bag.
*Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only.
**Please note that each bag is crafted into its unique form reflecting different patterns of that particular rug so no bag will ever be exactly the same.