I am beyond excited to step into the world of becoming a supplier and not very long from now, a producer! I have spent years and years climbing above mountains in order to obtain the highest of quality ingredients and I still continue to do so up until this very day. It often takes hours upon months of research, meetings in different time zones, developing connections, loads of samples before I make something apart of Noshaba Apothecary. I’ve been asked more times than I can count about where I source from or more so, how in the world to do I find things beautiful elements?! Well, it’s far from easy but spending the amount of time I do to locate these treasures from all around the world is something I love. Sometimes I even forget myself, where and how, but the connections I develop are so meant to be. Now, I would like to extend these offerings to you.
There are dozens of sources for oils and other various ingredients, but you are here because you want reliability, honesty, and purity. Not an ounce less. I work with devoted producers, suppliers, local communities and cooperatives from around the world that offer the best of the best. From there, all ingredients are transported to the U.S where they will ship out from. Our very own in-house cold pressed oils will be available at a later date. (can’t wait!)
You are here to invest into your bountiful creations that much more and it does not go without recognition. I stand behind all the products I offer and will do my very best to supply you with the most beautiful botanicals out there

In order to maintain peak freshness and reduce the possibility of excess waste, we will begin with supplying our oils on a request basis. As we move forward, we expect to have more in stock as well as increase the list of products available and ready to ship. If you do not see an ingredient that you are looking for on this list, not a problem. All you have to do is send me an email at and we will try to obtain that for you. 

*For Individuals + Companies